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The Pittpex beginners’ area is staffed by experienced collectors who engage the beginner from 8 to 80. 

All material are provided free of charge. Instead of the typical country focus, the beginners are exposed 

to the many topics that one may collect (e.g. sports, dogs/cats, transportation or queens).  Several pages 

with different topics are provided to the beginners to find and mount stamps.  Several heaps of 

worldwide used stamps are furnished to sift though and complete the pages. How to use hinges is 

something that is stressed. There is no time limit on how long one may stay in the area. At the end of the

stay, one may take the pages worked on and take 25 stamps of choice and some hinges too.  Questions 

are welcomed any time.  Other free material may be given, depending on availability.

For those who are more interested in collecting countries, the beginner can chose from almost all the 

countries in the world. We have hundreds, probably thousands, of stamps.

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